Subway opening in miri

Finally SUBWAY will be opening its first store in Miri.
As the fastest growing franchise, SUBWAY will always provide customers with the best and fresh ingredients.
We still in the preliminary stage for this new store, therefore it will be wise for us to hear directly from our communities.

We still in the midst of finding suitable location, therefore kindly drop your suggestion in the poll or comment below for location not listed.
Stay tune for our development!

official statement/links pls?

We still in the very early stage of the development, so no official announcement yet.

I’d suggest opening it in Bintang as theres more people there compared to other malls…

As Bintang is too cramp now, i would suggest at Permaisuri Mall.
We can stop by early morning for a quick bite before off for work.!

Weekdays bintang is almost empty… Especially Monday to Thursday… Not so sure about Permaisuri cause I’ve only been there twice

Permaisuri mall!

Drive Thru and 24 Hours pleaseeeeee…

Don’t do it in malls as it is too difficult to get to! Parking problems and etc.

Welcome to Miri!

Permaisuri please. Bintang Mall too congested you could barely find parking on weekends. Plus there will be cineplex there so for sure more people will come there.

i suggest not in the shopping mall…prefer like macdonald at petrol station.

Shopping malls rental is toooo high… Easily exceed 10k a month!

yeah, agree with the suggestion not to do it in the mall. somemore, subway is more of a convenient quick bite. it’s no longer convenient when you need to get stuck in the basement looking for parking.


oooo yeahhhh…!!

Is this legit or trawlin’? If subway is really openin tho then hooray.

Where is BURGER KING & DRIVE THROUGH??? i wants burger kinglo…

subway station in Miri??? ah ah ah! any drive through services???

I don’t think there ever should be a drive-thru Subway, whether standalone or at a petrol station. One of Subway’s main selling points is the ability to customize your sandwiches. Attempting to do so over the speaker just…does no justice to the Subway experience. Even if you speak nonstop and choose your bread, meat, cheese, veges and sauces well under a minute, the kitchen inside will be chaotic. How many sandwich artists can you fit in a Subway aisle? I’d say about four before all hell breaks loose. So why does drive-thru work for McD and not Subway? Because they follow different concepts. You can’t customize your Big Mac. I mean, like customize customize.

However, I do think that having a non-drive-thru Subway at a petrol station (following the One-Stop Center concept) is a better bet than at a shopping mall. Instead of worrying about high rent/ competing with other international franchises at shopping malls, why not open at a location where your customers are more likely to grace your store on a necessity basis rather than a oh-where-should-we-eat-now-Kopitiam-yea-Kenny Rogers-yea-Subway err? (Hint: cash-strapped fresh graduates and busy yet health-conscious office workers). Once you have identified your most likely regular customer base, then you can choose your location.

I would not choose Bintang megamall, as its very hard to just stop by and grab a sandwich.
Better be standalone, where we can just park and go down and grab and within 5 mins all done! ^.^

I love subway!

maybe cant open long… very few people eat this subway even in Kl… not to say miri people… kiasu type… want cheap, many and if possible free… LOL LOL :lol:

maybe free subway not bad

Boulevard shopping complex…