Study ACCA in Miri

Well, im now studying basic accounting at atc miri… Im interesting continue study CAT and ACCA courses…
How much is the course fees to study CAT and ACCA at ATC?
How many exam i’'ve to take for CAT and ACCA?
How much salary if i graduate from ACCA?
Thanks a lot!!

CAT 9 paper - can take in FAJAR, cost around RM 3,000 ~ RM 4,000 (last time i paid examption fee for RM 3,xxx)
ACCA - 5 paper - self study or get tuition with Mr Kong,

Currently I self study. But due to lack of discipline,. fail many times liaw…

I just wonder, there are no ACCA holder in Miri Community?

lol i also fail many times on part 3 lol… already stop taking exam on the past few years

Hello is Mr Kong still provide tuition for ACCA in Miri?

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