Students get lucky as burglar leaves empty-handed twice

MIRI: A 19-year-old student of a private institution here lodged a police report yesterday following a series of attempted break-ins at his rented house in Jalan Riam here since last week.

The victim, accompanied by two housemates when met at Miri Central Police Station yesterday, said their house was broken into last week but they got lucky when nothing was stolen.

“We were lucky because when the thief first broke into our house, we thought that it was nothing serious as none of our stuff was stolen.

“He entered from the back door but took nothing with him,” he said.

However, around 1am yesterday, the thief returned to their rented house and again he broke into their house from the back door.

The victim and his housemates were lucky again that nothing was amiss.

“We woke up to a noise believed to be the suspect. We came down and found our back door damaged by the thief.

“Even though nothing was stolen so far, we believe the suspect could return and for safety reasons we decided to lodge a report today,” he said.

The trio was hopeful that more police patrols in the area would keep the burglars away.