Student caned for bringing non-halal food from home

KUCHING: A 10-year-old schoolboy here received 10 whacks on his palm for bringing fried rice with pork sausages to eat in school during recess.

A senior teacher at the St Thomas Primary School here caned Basil anak Baginda 10 times on his palm for bringing non-halal food to school.

His mother, Angela Jabing, disclosed this incident at a press conference yesterday much to the shock of several PKR women leaders who were present.

"My son Basil anak Baginda, aged 10, has been with St Thomas Primary School, Kuching, since his kindergarten years.

On Oct 15, I prepared fried rice with pork sausages for my son to bring to school for his recess. However, I was shocked to learn that he was punished and caned 10 times on the palm by the senior assistant for bringing non-halal food to school," she said.

“I have never received any written circular from the school that children cannot bring non-halal food to the school,” added the distraught mother.

Unsatisfactory explanation

Jabing said on Oct 19, she went to the school to seek a clarification of the incident.

"I met the principal who was at the time sitting with the senior assistant in the senior assistants room.

"Instead of clarifying the reason for my sons punishment, the senior assistant said that he could not remember the incident, Jabing said.

According to her, the senior assistant had summoned her son to his office to explain himself and had later told her not to blow up the incident as it was a sensitive matter.

Jabing said that the headmaster had also told her that in February this year, the senior assistant had announced during the school assembly that the students were prohibited from bringing any non-halal foodstuff to school, even for their own consumption as an act of respect for the Muslim students.

I was not satisfied with the explanation, so I wrote in asking for a written explanation within three working days.

"On the third day, I received a call from the principal who requested to meet me on Oct 28. I still insisted on a written reply on the matter and was told by him to collect the letter the following day.

The letter did not properly answer my question on why my son was caned 10 times for eating fried rice with non-halal sausages. Is this a justified action taken by the school on schoolchildren? she asked.

Ministry must investigate

Jabing also wanted to know whether the school was trying to implement this non-halal food rules on childrens food brought from home.

She also wanted to know if the instruction came from the Education Ministry.

Meanwhile, PKR women leaders present at the press conference have demanded that the ministry investigate the incident.

They said if left alone, the issue could turn very ugly especially in a mission school. … -from-home

no eyes see

Curious, do the canteen at SMK Chung Hua still run by Chinese?

Last time they used to sell Kueh Tiaw with pork.

this is weird… i remember sometimes last yr my cousin was given disciplinary actions ; canning after 3x warnings.
Before he got whacked, the principal called me & others to explain why he was whacked. He was Form 4 student at that time…
compared to him, this is not so serious. whatever the case is, the parents must be inform before the punishment & clarify the action going to be taken against the student.
The MOE must investigate this thoroughly otherwise it can gv them bad press report.
Anyho…bringing PKR to the PC is wise decision. very the “cloak & dagger”… kasi takut sikit ma…

Kuching is under opposition DAP… of course la PKR comes into the scene… hehe


i think the school has went overboard. the student is not at fault here. the food was prepared by the mother… i really pity the innocent student for being caned. anyway, this is the 1st time i have ever heard about cannot bring non-halal food to a school. was this implemented by the school itself or other schools as well or it is our MOE directive?


I sometimes bring kolo mee with cha sao, or fast food wit tu ka to the office, I never see the company can me , not even bother to interfere. I guess the school teacher must be seriously sick…

It’s a mission school…jeez why canned that little boy?

maybe the teacher was craving for that meal too…and jealous of that kid for having fried rice during recess… :?

I brought pork to school during my times at SMKDP, punish me please

Such people are not fit to teach in a mission school. They should work as jailers for the city.

senior teacher but do not use brain one…haiz…

the senior teacher action will create more racial tension then solving issue.

better banned every stall from selling pork to respect another, also do not bring beef even if it’s for your own consumption to respect the hindu’s.

st. tom…i don’t see the problem with that…

unless its sekolah agama, mungkin la…

WTF!!! Banned from bringing non-halal food in a Christian mission school? If not mission school maybe ok lar…That farking racist teacher should be send back to Peninsular…B4 any teacher from Peninsular to be posted here, they need to undergo de-racist seminar first lah… hahahaha…

Excerpts from Sarawak’s 18-point Agreement

Point 1: Religion
While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo.

Point 15: Education
The existing educational system of North Borneo should be maintained and for this reason it should be under state control

I bring pork to school since kindergarden…
i even bring pork to office and nobody seems to bother about it…

As far as i know…
i never notice there is a NO PORK policy for school and worksite…

I thought caning in school is prohibited gasp I’m guessing the teacher might be from the West M.

Indeed what Rais Yatim said was true, ideology from the west can degrade human to a certain level of no return.

true…true… hmmmm sedap nya…