Strong Sarawak grassroots support for Baru Bian as Federal Minister

(The Star) #1

MIRI: There is strong support from Sarawakians for state PKR chairman Baru Bian to be a member of the Federal Cabinet. Dayak rights activist Michael Jok said it would be prudent for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to appoint Baru Bian as the works minister. Jok, the Society of Rights of Indigenous People of Sarawak secretary-general, said Bian, who is Selangau MP and Bakelalan state assemblyman, has proven to be hardworking, humble and people-oriented. "Baru Bian, as a lawyer fighting for native rights in Sarawak, is the most qualified and most appropriate Sarawakian to be a Federal Minister representing Sarawakians at national level. "In my opinion, Bian will be able to be an effective bridge between Sarawak and Putrajaya. “It is not the number of Sarawakian Federal Ministers in Putrajaya that matters, rather, it is the quality of the Sarawakian holding the post that matters,” Jok said. He said that during the Najib administration, there were eight Sarawakian full ministers in the Federal Cabinet. “Yet, Sarawak still lagged behind in many aspects at the social front,” Jok said. “We are disappointed with the performance of former Sarawakian ministers in the Cabinet. They have not been effective in making the Federal Government to get better deals for Sarawak,” Jok said. He expressed hope that Bian would make a difference if he became the works minister, as Sarawak needed more infrastructure development.