Streamyx Registration or Upgrade for FREE

Are you looking for Streamyx/UniFi but LAZY to visit TM Point? :lol:


Now, there’s no need to visit TM Point anymore
because TM has several authorized dealers who can help customers to apply/upgrade streamyx :stuck_out_tongue:

LINK to E-registration:

Current promotion:

  1. Free installation worth RM88
  2. Activation Waived worth RM75
  3. Free equipment (WiFi Modem and Cordless phone)[/b]

FAST!! Streamyx is ZERO ENTRY!!! :lol:
Do not hesitate to PM/Call/SMS/Whatsapp/iMessage me for more details.

Note: I do provide UniFi registration as well. Do contact me for more info. Thank you.

Jovenne 012-9295333 (Whatsapp/iMessage/SMS/Call)

Good news for streamyx upgrade unifi userss!!!
You can remain your existing number for free!!!