Streamyx or Celcom Broadband agent needed...with high commis

We looking for person who want to be our streamyx or celcom broadband and postpaid , also astro agent, we will provide high commission, we hope we can work together, earn together…

just email or contact or sms me,

H/P: 0168500720

how much are u offering?

how you pay me the commision

batu niah email ? haiya work in batu niah meh? wakakakak juz asking

can i work part time? and also where exactly is the place of work?

all is work for parttime… just helping asking u friend to apply streamyx,.we offer 150% commission for streamyx, pay by bankin after finish installation

any inyerest, can sms me…0168500720

i’m interested. Pls pm me for info to my mail

mail to me too…