Streamyx Frequent Disconnection Problem

Anyone in Miri having the same problem lately?

I can’t connect two days ago. and today its snail slow.

Always. It’s basically second nature by now.

once or twice for 1 week… not too frequent yet… unlike deconnextion, …

is bloody AWFUL! :slight_smile:

far worse, this week,
appears to be ‘set times’, on almost everyday
ie. at 6a.m & 8a.m, again at 5pm & 11pm (almost exactly)
when totally inoperative.
peak-time buisness periods…

intermittent thru rest of the day.
sadly, deconnextion is even worse, my location.

usually take it as a sign from above,
when i’m in full flow (barking mad!)… & i press d Send button…
…somebody upstairs monitoring me?! :lol:

I experienced the same problem too yesterday. Thruout noon time, my connection was perfectly ok, just that it doesn’t wanna log on to the net. I called up TM to check and everything is ok. So, I switch off my modem and waited for 5 minutes… then switch it on again… surprisingly, it turn out ok after that… :wink:

It’s their problem, not ours. They are not able to understand what is happening with their own system, that plus the fact that they are programmed to check the ‘3 modem lights’ which, unfortunately, remained on when this happens. So they simply pin it on us.

A restart works because I’ve noticed some amount of time the connection picks up again even if you don’t restart your modem. To me, it seems that their server was overloaded and hung up or rebooted somehow, but a connection somehow remains constant so we couldn’t see the stupid ‘flashing’ light they all love so much as a diagnostic reference.

I’ve moved this to ICT forum.

I’ve been so &^%^$#** mad,
It has been so &&^%$* unbelievable…
that the past *(&^%$% Streamyx connections have been so bad
and to me, for two days it was like a *&^%^%$& blur! :evil:

I work at cc. Avday need facing the messy customer said
( Why line so lag, aduh… cheap ahh u cyber)
Walan… All tis problem cause from lousy streamyx line n Malaysia Goverment la… :evil: [/i]