Streamyx down at Lutong area?

Just want to check if anyone else at Lutong Baru area having problem connecting to Streamyx since Friday? Called up TM and they said they are replacing the cable because it overheated. Supposed to be done on Monday but still cant connect. Just want to make sure I’m not the only one with this problem.

I’m making this post via my handphone.

Maybe still Raya break for some technician.

Same here… Taman Kesudian Area. called them up they are doing some maintenance and the internet shuld be ok from the 20th onwards, untill today, still cant get connected.

Also having Streamyx problems since Sunday noon at Greenville-Senadin.

Not fixed until now :frowning: . Telcom also mentioned a broken cable, even I don’t believe this since
the DSL sync itself is ok and my router just cannot connect: “PPPoE - Connection Timeout”

My Streamyx started working again this afternoon.

Streamyx @ Bayshore down now and according to TM it will only be fixed by 2/12.

Now days on Lutong bahru area , how many Mbps can we apply actually ? For Streamyx :shock: :shock: