Streamyx and Celcom Broadband application

Interest to apply streamyx or celcom broadband???

Let us help u apply and it will be delivered from door to door within 2 days. it can be registered in whole Malaysia…where ever you are…
Not need fill in the forms…

U just need to give some basic information…don worry, we wont asking for ur bank acc, password or what so ever…we working under qualified company who can register streamyx and celcom broadband.

For Celcom Broadband: “see attachment”

Customer Photocopy IC
Customer Mother’s Maiden Name
Customer Mobile Contact
Billing Address
Reference personal, contact & relationship
Package D68 or D98- D68 (each month RM68), D98 (each month RM98), features can view the attachement below

For Streamyx application:
applicant name
billing address
install address
contact number
fixed line (to be install streamyx)
streamyx package- prices and features can view the attachment

So…what still waiting for?
reach me at 016-8550358 (Johnny) or email me at
do tell ur friends ya… :smiley: