Streamyx Activation waiver - LAST FEW DAYS!

Dear All,
TM Streamyx’s RM75 activation fee waiver promotion will ends on 28th Feb 2009. Here i sincerely asking if anyone of your friends, or relatives that would like to apply streamyx, but haven’t get one, this is the time to SAVE! It’s because after 3+ years i’d been with TM, i never see this kind of promotion - RM75 activation fee (waived) . So, do contact me on-behalf of this, or ask your friends and relatives to contact me directly.

Monthly fee Speed Free gift(only apply from us) Suitabilities
RM60 384Kbps 2Gb Pendrive / normal headphone (with mic) Normal internet browsing, chatting, emails, normal downloads
RM90 512Kbps 4Gb pendrive / E-view Webcam Internet movie, internet gaming, faster downloads, more than 2 pc systems
RM110 1Mbps 8Gb Pendrive / 2Gb pen drive + Webcam FASTEST package among all !
*Streamyx Combo is a package offering and no separate charge for TM fixed line rental.

e.g. Combo RM60 package 's first bill, which will only come on the 2nd month of the start-use date, and have to be clear before 25th of the billing month.
First bill :

  1. 1st month RM60
  2. 2nd month RM60
  3. RM75 (activation - in this promotion period, WAIVED!!)
  4. RM10 (stamp duty - been charge once only in 1st bill)
  5. RM15 (modem courier charges - been charge once only in 1st bill)

QUICK! contact me at :
msn :
Sms/ call : 0168764899 - Jacky Wong

I’m one of the top Streamyx Authorised reseller agency’s leader in East Malaysia Region. I’m having agents/installers throughout whole Sabah + Sarawak (some main cities at West M’sia as well). So please do not hesitate to contact me for any new streamyx applications registration!

** What’s the advantage(s) for registering from us, rather than register at TM point?**

  1. NO NEED to go TM point by yourself, and take a parking, take a long wait at the queue etc.
  2. If apply at TM point, they usually charge you RM88 for installation (optional - means if you want them to install for you); but if you want our installer to do it for you, it’s only RM60 the most (depends on installation location, and problems face during installation - dsl blinking, bad copper etc)
  3. TM offer only FREE* modem, we offer FREE GIFT, depends on the package that you apply.
  4. After sales services - with us : you call, we assist immediately
    with TM: you call, you being “taichi” here and there between departments, at the end, problem not solved.

i want the package is it still available? Btw im in Sabah now.