Streamix Modem (standard) vs Branded Modem

what’s the different between these modem provided by tmnet and the other modem (e.g. aztech, dlink, etc)?

can we get more good connection with those other modem as compared to the one provided by tmnet?


i am currently using the modem provided by tmnet…and i saw these other modem at shops…and wonder what are the needs of those if tmnet have provide one for us?

Some package don’t come with modem, some people want modem that have more features like having LAN ports.

Connection depends on the phone line condition as well as how good TMNET provide the service to the customer.

I’ve using Aztech DSL600E (tmnet modem in 2005/2006) since day 1 and gives me 512k connection, before upgrade to 1mbps.I didn’t turn off the modem and abuse 24/7 (except few reboots/cleaning/etc) :smiley: That first modem haven’t disappoint me. :slight_smile:

Currently, DSL600E paired with Linksys WRT54GL wireless G router.

learn from me exp ~ when it comes to modem simplest is the best gei ~ better get those taiwan manufactured
like tp link~ one for rm100 plus its better then belkin or wat brand de~
learned from me exp

I think the modem given by streamyx is okey okey lah, if broken. They will change another one for you. For my case, the modem sometimes struck by lightning. So i just call them over to change it.

both type are good.

but if you are a download junkie, avoid streamyx modem as streamyx modem has firmware that throttles your upload download speed.

now you know why your torrent speed sucks even on 4 mb line. :slight_smile:

unless you know how to update streamyx modem firmware to original manufacturer’s, better buy non streamyx modem.