Strange sayings

I am not sure if this happens a lot in Miri but in America, people stay the weirdest things. For example…

“I can’t even.”

“What is life?”

“Slaying it.”

“Sorry not sorry.”

None of these things make sense to me. Like the responses that are used for… What is up with all this slang lately? lol

I think everyone uses these, it is more common online than anywhere I think and will teens and kids. It is a strange thing. I guess it is the day and age we live in :stuck_out_tongue:

I think more females say these things than us guys go. I think some of them are cute but I can understand why they make no sense.

I don’t pay attention to slang or things like this. It makes people sound so uneducated.

I find them funny to be honest…I mean when you think of how they are used, it is all a trend.