[STOLEN] Canon 20D and 17-40L

Sad to say my Canon 20D (SN: 1931004361) attached with 17-40L F4 (SN: 00183276) was stolen on 16th Feb 2007.Someone break into my house that night,police reported made early 17th Feb,like always,waiting for investigation. :?

Just in case someone found it “tepi longkang” or someone offer u to buy,pls let me know,if u can feel my pain :cry:

Thank u very much.

aiyo, plz wait lar…

Once I hear “wind calls” I’ll let you know but plz pay the price for the stolen parts instead of calling police…

BTW, where is your house? I need to know more in order to scare “them” by telling that the camera belong to my friend or other make-up story. Some of them just never learn, come out from Balai still do this day and night. BTW, didn’t you lost notebook or desktop CPU too…? (strange, unless that doesn’t involve the gang that I know…hmm)

hi huasing,thanks for the advice,hopefully can hear some good news from your “connection” :wink:

My house at Taman Hin Chin,somewhere near Hilltop Garden,lost some cash,watches and some small items(no PC/notebook lost cos not leave at home).If can get back the camera is enuf, others just treat as “learn a lesson” :cry:

whoa Canon 20D, sorry to hear that…
really feel your pain… :frowning:

I feel the pain :frowning: I have 10D best camera I ever own. … to lose 20D would be devastating … nice lens as well … so sorry for your loss…no info only sympathy I’m afraid

Sorry about the loss of your equipment, My4to. I’ll see if there are any leads on it as I have good connections with those doing photography, if the person is dumb enough to try and sell it to them, you’ll be first to know.

anyone lost Minolta 3MP Digital Camera? “they” are selling at RM800! “They” were trading that in Luak Bay yesterday.

BTW, my4to, did they tok the charger as well? coz that is the thing they always forgot.

stolen minolta 3mp selling for 800??? too expensive la. Sorry about your cam my4to. Time to get a new one i guess. 5D looks nice.

thanks all for the reply ya :wink:

ian,thank u very much,most of the case,“they” will try to sell it,if really they sell to camera shop,i oledi prepare for the worst and “buy” back from them :cry:

huasing,they dun took the charger.Forgot to mention,actually both camera and len are well pack in a brand new Lowepro Top Loader One(TLZ1) bag. That can be a good point becos as far as i know,nobody is selling that camera bag in Miri yet

relaxjack,5D is good,but $$$ oways not enuf,may consider get back another 20D only :cry:

just try my luck,any latest update especially from huasing and ian?

Thank u very much :wink:

nope, it looks like it is not done by the group that i know. Have you check your neighbours’ room? BTW, did anyone in your neighbourhood saw a suspicious Pajero (usually cover with dry mud) around that area?

i guess they wont be selling it that soon

My4to, i’m afraid there’s no news of it yet.

huasing,i dun think so it’s my neighbour :slight_smile: FYI,actually a suspicious Toyota Mark Mark II (red colour) was arround my area that night.

bulat,susah to say,i think they need money…also,they dun have any charger and accessories for the camera,no use for them,might as well sell it :wink:

ian,it’s ok,just try my luck ,hopefully got some update from u guys :smiley:

Any details on the Mark II? New model or old model, any particular markings, etc? This could aid us in some preventive measures, thanks. I live close to you.

There’s only one new model (2003-4) Toyota Mark II (looks a bit like a 2002 Camry) in town I know of but I know the owner (old man).

ian,it’s an old model Mark II,red body colour with black border at the bottom,plate no. QM 38xx Q if not mistaken,saw them somewhere Hilltop Selatan the other day. Got information saying some of them working in a pub nearby Survey Supermarket @ 2020.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

so… have u found it?

Not yet,but still miss them a lot :cry: