Stock Clearance Sales!

I am clearing my ex-stock Miri here.
The stock that I wanted to clear is as below:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Home Business at RM599.00 per unit
  • SVC 825va UPS at RM168.00 per unit
  • Logitech MK100 PS2 Keyboard + USB Mouse at RM30

Self Collect at Pujut 5 or Delivery within 5km COD

Interested please contact me:
Wechat/Whatsapp/Line: NSR_SAM
SMS: 0168799168 / 0138683838 / 0138863838
Email: / []
[attachment=1]IMG-20140402-WA0001.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]PC Performance.JPG[/attachment] This is the PC performance and the duration is ± 14 minutes

pm me exact location… :smiley:

Photo attached

bought one, good seller got 2 warranty 8)

Thanks. :smiley: It’s 2 years Warranty :smiley: A little delay for the invoice coz i haven’t back to office today. By the way, are you winston from curtin last time?

Sir, may i know how long does the UPS last and is it compatible with CPU usages.
The recent constant blackout from sesco is pain in the ass and bad for CPU health.

Wish you can pm me more info for this product.

Usually for CPU it can last around ±10 Minutes but to be exact, I will have to let you know later by testing on standard CPU. This is because, there is many setup of CPU and the power usage also different and so the duration may vary. Will let you know the duration for the standard CPU asap

Updated the post with exact test and result. This test is at 50% load and with monitor turned on. When it blackout it will keep beep and when the battery is running low, the period of beep is shorten. So if interested, please let me know. Thanks and have a nice day :smiley: