Still very few civil job applications from non-Malays

Still very few applications for civil service jobs from non-Malays
24 March 2006
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THE number of non-Malay applicants for jobs in the civil service is
still very small, Minister in Prime Ministers Department Datuk Seri
Nazri Aziz said yesterday.

He said efforts to encourage more non-Malays to the service had not
been very successful.

Last year, non-Malays made up 18.55 per cent of the 409,711

In 2004, 78.43 per cent of the 403,631 applications received by the
Public Works Department were from Malays.

“We have done our best to make our civil service more Malaysian and
less of a Malay civil service, but applications from non-Malays are
too few,” Nazri said.

Nazri was replying a supplementary question from Datuk Nur Jazlan
Mohammad (BN-Pulai), who had asked what the Government was doing to
attract more non-Malays to the civil service.

In his original question, Nur Jazlan had asked for statistics on the
racial breakdown of civil servants.

Nazri said as of June 2005, there were 899,250 public servants, of
whom 77.04 per cent or 692,736 were Malays.

The rest were: 84,295 Chinese (9.37 per cent), 46,054 Indians (5.12
per cent), 69,828 other Bumiputeras (7.77 per cent) and 6,337 of other
races (0.70 per cent).

In 2004, civil servants numbered 907,399, of whom 698,846 were Malays
(77.01 per cent), 84,898 Chinese (9.36 per cent), 46,430 Indians (5.12
per cent), 70,818 other Bumiputeras (7.80 per cent), and 6,407 of
other races (0.71 per cent).

My point of View

Only when it reached 2 critical stage or perhaps d racism issues has been raised & questioned in d parliment, it bcome a nationwide issue…im jst wonderin…r those non-Malay applicants out ter in terms of their qualifications doesnt meet the job requirements tat contribute to less non Malay in civil job service?? :?

As a matter of fact, majority of non-Malays achieved o even hv better academic achievements as compared to d Malay…so wat went wrong wif d application submission frm d non-Malay??? Does it mean non-Malays r being 2 choosy in their career?? I thot semua org nak apply kerja dgn ‘perintah’… :wink: