Spray Car

Where in to spray solid colour for wira that is cheap in Miri ? and how much is it normally to spray car ?..cheap solid colour… :o

i think around 1k at krokop there :slight_smile:

1k ? …what other options is there ?

but i think depends on your car size, colour and the skill of the sprayer. U ask them quote a best price for u. :slight_smile:


i dun care bout the price,
u know the best spot for car paint or spray ka???

well u know terminal bus station at jalan padang kerbau? near there gt a shop specialist in car paint or spray. The shop is normally paint the recon car but i think also gt receive outside car for spray :slight_smile:

got car shop ka there??? never seen any pun… well its quite sumtimes i didnt go there, maybe there is now,
tq bro, if they have a nice pearlescent paint for my car it would be very great