Sports Satellite Centre To Be Set Up In Sarawak


October 13, 2006 18:33 PM

Sports Satellite Centre To Be Set Up In Sarawak

KUCHING, Oct 13 (Bernama) – Sarawak will have the country’s first Sports Satellite Centre, which is being set up by the National Sports Council (NSC) with the cooperation of the state’s sports council, said Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Datuk Seri William Mawan.

He said such facility was mooted by the NSC aimed at developing young talents in high performance sports at the very early age.

"The setting up of the Sports Satellite Centre in Kuching, which is the first in Malaysia, is an honour and we sense the generosity of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the NSC.

“Sarawak has the potential in several sports like aquatic, athletic, and others,” he told reporters at the launching of “Cari Juara” Programme at his office here Friday.

NSC director Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz, who was also present, said the centre would provide sports sciences, mental training strategies, sports education, research and development for the sportsmen and sportswomen particularly in the high performance sports.

“The NSC fully recognised Sarawak’s excellent results in sports. They have the right mind and track. So, now we are decentralising the NSC to develop better and excellent sportsmen,” he said.

Ramlan said a team of sports experts in various fields would be posted to Sarawak to run the centre.


No doubt that sarawak produces alot of sportsman/sportswomen…

Remember watson nyambek? n boniface lejau? daniel bego? kho ai hwee? they are sarawakians hu represented malaysia in international field.

wah…look like our sport ministry is really rich…first, spending millions of pound sterling builidng a sport complex in london and now more in sarawak? i wonder where they got all those money?..oh ya…oil and gas off sarawak coast…ohhhh…so now they are giving back by building a so call “First Sports Satellite Centre” in Malaysia…but haven’t we got a sporting school in west malaysia which are doing almost the same thing? education, giving young athletic to grow their talent?..

Well, it’s a good thing that they are planning to build one in Sarawak where Sarawak has lots of potential.