Sports Cafe Restaurant

I think it’s newly open in Miri. Before it was Sport Cafe pub, but they renovated and turned into a restaurant! It was worth for a try, price was reasonable! really reasonable, :smiley: Business hour was 7am to 9pm, serves Hong Kong style foods! Couples can go for a try… budget, and most important romantic feeling. hehehe… Around Pelita Comm area… next to Dessert…

Free bump!!

why free bump?

7 am to 9 pm…alang alang le the hours…

You can order your food at 7am till 8.30.
after tat it turns into a bar,
you can drink and sing over there…

oic…i tot closed at 9 pm…

Hmm…if compare with Siamese? how’s the food’s rate?

why free bump?[/quote]

No why…just limpek song… :lol:

yea … it have nice environment there … after 9pm … there wont be any more food to be order … onli soft drinks and beer so on available …

went to have lunch there, I like the environment there and the menu is nicely published. I have ordered a saturn pork chop served with rice, sausage n fried egg. The pork chop is hard and taste soso, disappointed. My friend ordered a sinchew bihun, too salty, other than that is ok. Service is good with polite staff. Anyway, I will go again to try their other dishes.

after 9pm they will become Karaoke

not bad… been there.

but the food only so so…



wher exactly the place? since im not mirian need more details^^