Splitindex new HYIP

Perlaburan Splitindex lebih power dari swisscash!!
dengan min investment USD20 = RM76 anda sudah boleh menaja.
Jika swiscash memberi pulangan purata 20% sebulan splitindex pula 60% sebulan kerana profit sehari 2%.
Miri antara yg terawal,anda boleh berjumpa dgn leader saya.
Sila layari web http://www.splitindexasia.tk/

I’m doing both SwissCash and Splitindex. I love Splitindex the most, 2% every day, I am going to retire early. This plan can help you to pay off everyday expenses, credit card bills, wanna travel? a decent holiday?
Are you afraid to risk, in order to gain? Whats life without risk?

YahOOOOOOOOOO! Just received my 3rd Withdrawal (every 1st and 16th on every calendar allows your to withdraw your interest.

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We LOVE Splitindex!!!

i oso got join but minimum amount…just testing

me also testing first time, now i’m getting USD44 per day. Coz I invested USD2000, i think enuff for Xmas and New Year presents.

Attention to existing Splitindex.com investors only
[b](to view your existing account/s)

http://www.splitindex.com ------> [url=http://www.splitindex.net]http://www.splitindex.net

http://www.asiawallet.com ------> [url=http://www.asiawallet.net]http://www.asiawallet.net


errr…how to transfer money from splitindex account??wat i mean is you reused the money to invest again;USD20…

transfer to asiswallet then transfer again to splitindex?

[quote=“chilskater”]errr…how to transfer money from splitindex account??wat i mean is you reused the money to invest again;USD20…

transfer to asiswallet then transfer again to splitindex?[/quote]

When you have sufficient amount $ in your Index Wallet to Reinvest, Click “Buy Index Code” then Select Account Type eg.:Individual $20 Merchant $1000 Corporate $5000.
I hope this info helps.

now 1 credit = AW0.10 rite?If i wanted to withdraw USD100 to asia wallet, i get only USD10?

thats what the announcement states, unfortunately. I do think its unfair.

they do that because unable to reach sales target because of the earthquake…so if by now the connection is stable, we will get the ‘real’ money back?

my investors and I hope it gets back to normal as soon as possible. Before the earthquake, the payment was prompt and precise. :frowning:

Its important to diversify your investments “Do not put all your eggs in one basket” :wink:

I am also investing with http://www.technary.com , you may like to check them out they are also using AsiaWallet as well. In this investment program the interest is higher than Splitindex. Technary has a Live Chat, you may ask them anything technical about Technary. They only available from 12pm - 8pm(Malaysian Time) only when you see “Online status”. 8)

Back to the Splitindex topic, if you wish to withdraw $, do it once the Point Counter Value goes back to 1 Splitindex Credit = 1 AW$ (back to normal) :!:

well then, i agree then…btw, im new here…hehe
nice to meet ya all…

http://www.splitindex.net doesnt work anymore?

It doesn’t look good, my upline thinks its gone…unfortunately. :cry:

I hope you’ve spread your risk (Diversified) of investment. We all need too.

Heh i thought so… but i already withdrew my initial investments + a lil more so i guess nothing to lose there. I kinda saw that this was coming, ever since they changed the rates… i saw danger coming lol

me too. I’ve invested in Splitindex since Oct’06, all payout was on time and accurate. Fortunately, I made big bucks there and then Invested in SwissCash.net. I have other investments and spread it out. Splitindex is the first to fall after the Taiwan earthquake. Technary is so far ok but as you know, all comes with RISKS.

All comes down to diversify, this may take quite alot of $$$ coz most of them are dealt with USD. I’ve always inform my downline to remember not to invest the amount that you are not willing or afford to lose :roll:

R.I.P Splitindex :twisted: (noT!)