Split A/C For Sale - Closed

I have 4 units split A/C for sale. 1.5HP at RM500, 1HP 3 units (used for about 1.5mths only) at RM650@. Give me good counter offers.

what is the brand of the AC

Yeah, I’m interested in the 1 HP. Wad brand are you selling??

Whats your best price for all 4? Warranty card still avail?

window air-con ???

alamak… brother coolman… seller oledi mentioned Split A/C… OR…are u looking for window air cond?? :roll:

Split Units A/C. The 1.5 HP Brand is Sharp, the other 3 are Akira. All 4 RM2,900. The Sharp model is used for a few years already, only the Akira models still fairly new cos used few mths only. Bought the Akiras in Dec 2007 and removed them few mths later when I sold off house. Warranty should still be valid until Dec 2008.

ur sharp “few year” is how many years?

Sharp one ancient with wired remote but still kicking ok. They basically run forever. Older models are built tough, not like current models. Cannot recall when though.

:mrgreen: BUMP :mrgreen: