Spin off of Table manners thread

I come back from taking some videos at the flyover to this? :lol:

New topic spin off from the table manners thread.

A point i beleive being raised by some authors, is the freedom to weave topics around/into wider issues, whilst still keeping parrallel to the original thread, which at the moment seems to be a difficult issue & as mentioned is maybe stifling some from injecting additional inputs… :frowning: [/quote]

Dougie, we do let the topics wander around abit. There’s no way to measure it except ‘by ear’. There are no clear definitions, but general rule of thumb is when the topic becomes totally unrelated, ie spun off 180 degrees from its original direction.

When a thread persists - after several attempts at coaching back into direction - in going off topic eventually ending up a new point of discussions for others to join in, we encourage people to make new threads instead of continuing from the old one. Such as what is happening with this one.

wish that you would employ some lateral thinking & enjoy the fact that the threads are bound to wander, incorporating the various styles of your communities authors & likewise their interpretation of what’s written.

The last three alpha-numerics in the title alone, suggest that the thread is wide open ‘…’

Would very much like to extend Stef’s comments on foreign Buisness suits & their mannerisms in general, re the behaviour in Mega lounge, but is now the danger of having topic closed down?
…table manners/mannerisms inclusive of cultures/habits when carried to foreign lands… mayb tooo big a jump for some ppl’s thinking?!

Is as cat-muncher said, putting ppl off.
Would ask please that you are more lenient,
in what for some of us is very entertaining reading

I’m wondering if you’ve read the whole thread? :wink:

I’m glad you’re enjoying the threads - however there’s limits to be had. Like I’ve said above, thread(s) only locked when a topic insists on going to a totally different dimension for a while without ever hope of going back.

Perhaps people are misinterpreting things - if you’ve been on these boards long enough, there actually aren’t too many problems, and you’ll know that we aren’t as strict as a lot of other moderators found in other forums elsewhere in the web. I’ve mentioned before; 99% of members are pretty much in compliance with a lot of their posts, and when they aren’t - usually by accident or over-excitement we simply post a reminder.

Think bout it, who’d want to click on a title named ‘table manners’ and have the screen show up a bunch of unrelated items? Even if it is tantalizing to join in, that’s when the thread is a goner and the original member who made the post would probably be not very happy.

would very much like to commend Ian & team, on a difficult task moderating, done commendably well, & him having handled some hot topics of late. I would certainly buy him a beer.

Be looking forward to that day with gusto :slight_smile:

typed up:
nice reply, w apology for wandering off-thread + reasons why,

  • some feeble attempts at humour entered!
  • extra questioning raised…

went to press “Submit”
& bingo!

my connection dropped off-line again :frowning:

beer sounds good.

Agreed with Ian… and guys… just to touch up a bit, we do carry out discussion within our own mod’s group a lot of time and seriously when we see a thread start to spin off to far… we will post up reminder to individual and try to put back on line… again… it is not easy dude… believe me…