Speech on manners wins public speaking contest for schools

(From third left) Amanda, Gwen, and Harith with their trophies. Also seen from left are Linda, SK Tudan senior assistant (co-curriculum) Albert Bangau Pengarah, and SK Tudan headmaster Sabtu Matali.

MIRI: A speech entitled ‘Manners Make the Man’ has won the Miri District Public Speaking Competition for Primary Schools.

Gwen Angel Unoi Gulin from SJK Chung San Miri delivered the winning speech.

In second place was Harith Haziq Mohd Farez from SK Jalan Bintang whose speech was ‘My Smartphone’, while Amanda Ting Jiea Sing from SJK Chung Hua Miri came in third with the speech ‘Global Warming’.

Programme coordinator Linda Ijok said the competition aimed to enhance proficiency in writing and speaking in the English language through fun, meaningful and authentic activities.

The judges were Lanny Bala Aching, Camillius Ong Hock Siew, and Jannet Ng Yin Yin from the Teacher Training Institute (IPG) Miri campus.

Organised by SK Tudan, a total of 16 pupils participated in the competition.

Source: The Borneo Post

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