Source of foul smell at Miri Gong Xi Bazaar found

MIRI: The stink that has repelled many patrons to the on-going Gong Xi Bazaar 2015 here is not from spilled refuse or liquids. It is from a popular Taiwanese-based delicacy chou doufu.

According to Miri Mayor Lawrence Lai, the snack made from fermented tofu is among many street offerings at the Chinese New Year (CNY) market, which is put up by Miri City Council and Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Some may not recognise the smell as that of chou doufu; hence, they had mistaken it for a disgusting odour that derives from the spillage of refuse nearby.

The pungent smell actually comes from the snack being grilled or fried at some of the 260 stalls there, Lai said when contacted yesterday.

The mayors clarification came following complaints by visitors about an overwhelming stink at the bazaar, rendering them to an uncomfortable experience.

According to one of the bazaar-goers, Liawati Lim, the source of the smell could be spilled waste liquid from nearby premises.

The smell is disgusting, and its very unpleasant for visitors who pass the affected area and those strolling along the bazaar. I had to quickly avoid the area as I couldnt stand the smell, she told The Borneo Post on Friday.

Meanwhile, the stinky chou doufu appears to be among top-selling items at the Gong Xi Bazaar, especially among Chinese customers.

According to a seller, the snack is either deep-fried or grilled before serving it with a specialty sauce and an accompaniment of pickled vegetables.An order of chou doufu there goes for RM5.

The Gong Xi Bazaar is now open every day from 8am to 11pm till Feb 17. On Feb 18 its last day it will close at noon.