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So you know who are the richest people in the world, world busiest port & top visited website. Big deal.
Bet you didnt know this…

Medical cases statistic reported in Miri, 2010:

Jan - March: 130
April - June: 140
Jul - Sept: 130

Jan - March: 44
April - June: 42
Jul - Sept: 45

Jan - March: 10
April - June: 22
Jul - Sept: 15

Heart diseases
Jan - March: 158
April - June: 155
Jul - Sept: 144

p/s: no figure yet for Oct - Dec

Source: Miri General Hospital

And while there are Sarawakians dying, there are certain people living lavishly. Take a look at this


you think all allocated budget use to sponsor his marriage? btw…mauk muntah tengok itu gambar aaa…