Some photo take at Niah caves

Friend from K.K never be to niah caves before, so during the holidays(october 3 2008, I am hausing bring her to visit our miri niah caves.

Wow… I the pic No.3 and the No.6

The snail pic is

Nice work.

been there b4:)
even saw a long black and yellow snake there XD
sasuka…i mean,nice work dood

haha,i’m also from KK,bring me to Niah Cave,i never been there b4 :stuck_out_tongue:

kidding la,ur pics good la,make us want to go Niah very soon :slight_smile:

nice pics man :). I like pic 2 n 3. btw, after going to niah cave ur cam got smell o not ah? :smiley:

i love the pic no 1…by the way…how to shoot moving animal on tree?

you can go for continuous auto focus to get the shot… or keep pressing ur shutter button to focus the moving animals…