Some 400 Felcra participants want dividends paid

Pauzi (front row, third left) with participants at the friendly protest in front of Felcra Bekenu office.

BEKENU: A total of 369 villagers from four villages participating in a Felcra oil palm project want Felcra Berhad to pay them their dividends outstanding since 2018.

The villagers from Kampung Sepupuk, Kampung Keluru, Kpg Mumong and Kpg Kelulit in Niah held a friendly protest in front of Felcra office in Bekenu at 10am yesterday, demanding the agency pay their outstanding dividends without fail as they needed the money for their families’ expenses and their children’s school requirements.

They carried banners emblazoned with ‘Kami mahu dividen kami dibayar oleh Felcra’.

“Felcra has not paid the 369 participants from four kampungs here taking part in the project since 2018 until today,” Wan Pauzi Wan Ahmad, the chief coordinator of the protest told The Borneo Post when met in front of Felcra Bekenu office.

He disclosed that during meetings with the Felcra branch manager here early this year, the participants were promised that they would be paid their dividends in September and October this year.

He claimed that when asked again, the Felcra branch manager told them that the dividend payment would be paid in December this year, which led to the participants holding the friendly protest.

He also claimed that he had sent a few letters to the authority concerned but no reply was received.

“We want Felcra Berhad to fulfil its promises and not delay further the dividends as it will affect the villagers involved as they really need the money for their family and children’s schooling.

A villager from Kampung Kelulit, in his 60s, said it is unfair for Felcra to delay their dividend payment as the agency is big and stable.

Meanwhile, Felcra Berhad Miri region manager Mohd Azrul Oyab when met at his office said he would bring up the issue at their meeting in Kuala Lumpur this November.

“I will bring up the issue to the management level this November to ensure Felcra issues payment to the participants,” he said.

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