Somalia Islamists call Obama to convert or else

Remember ‘Black Hawk Down’? That’s in Somalia…

why u always post topic that mock islam,arab?
its clear that u hate arab,islam and u r athiest n want to promote athiestism.
now u try to promote ur freeness,but somehow i find it annoying.

I think what we’re trying to talk about here are the extremists, instead of the religion. Though indirectly, and regrettably, most of those extremist are muslims. I believe there’re no ill intentions in the article, it’s just news.

true,but too much news about extremist oso not good.
cos media today all bout muslim extremist.
theres more things we can share bah.
life is beautiful,y always talk bout war n conflict?

Well, you can choose what you’d like to read/see. Just stay away from such threads if it annoys you.

Of course there’s more things that we can share. Let’s not talk about war & conflict, let’s go for a massage and relax, viewtopic.php?f=1&t=34284. Hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately, most of these stories ended up being top stories or most discussed topics in social bookmarking websites like digg, reddit or stumbleupon, something which can’t escape one’s attention.

for most of the news, i simply copy everything, for instance the copies of this story can be found on google & yahoo … 19234a677a … _somalia_3

i think you need to file a complain against google and yahoo, since they are ‘mocking’ too.

oh wait, the entire news article quoted someone saying something, if it is mocking then it was him mocking himself in front of the world.

and no, i don’t intend to promote atheism, atheism is something which people should discover themselves. one cannot be atheist if their mind refuse to be one. most my articles are about economy or world ranking, not ‘how-great-atheism-is’, because i myself know atheism isn’t something completely perfect too.


and no, i don’t hate islam, in fact my part-time maid is an indonesian muslim. i laugh, joke and enjoy talking with her and there is no hostility between us at all.

but im critical of the political and structural parts, there are reasons why OIC nations can’t compete economically and industrially, and still isnt as productive scientifically and technologically compared to much of the world.

similarly, i dislike the vatican and think it is an object for ridicule, i don’t agree that one man pope should have so much control and power over billion of folks around the world. does that make me christianity-hater?

as for arabs, their mentality exhibit high incompatibility with the modern world. why only them can’t get along with so many other races of people in the world? the westerners, the russians, the jews, the blacks, a number of asians, and the persians to just name a few. they are enclosed in their own world. why now when i travel there is security check this and that, plus can’t carry liquid more than 100ml? thanks to the arabs of course.

and the best way to treat that? humiliation. western humiliation after the fall of manchu dynasty got the chinese out from their old-styled thinking and start progressing to match themselves with the west. it should work for the arabs, continue to be protective of them and they will think they own the world. but if i 'm to meet an arab i’d still give a friendly smile, not those violence, beatings they gave to others because that’s not my way.

life isn’t beautiful, 2 cases of crimes just happened in my neighborhood, gotta face the reality there are more bad things than goods. being realist help you tackle more effectively with obstacles.

but then of course, u can always choose whether or not to read the threads. apart from my own threads i think till now i only read not more than 20-30 of other’s threads

yeah,there’s nothing cant change what we believe in.

bout the news,all the news that are fed to us comes written by a person.
person can have different views,diff thoughs and this sumtimes can make all the difference.nobody’s perfect.
just see the media fight on AFF SUZUKI CUP between msia n indonesia.
one say this,another side say that.

news written by human,human not perfect.
so dun trust news.just joking

nowadays more bad things happen compared to good things.
n were livin in a globally westernised world

u too can choose how u enjoy ur life.
one can choose to be scared of everything and paranoid of everything.
one can choose to be disagree and critic about everything in this world.
one can choose to pursue everything worldly in this deceptive world.
or one too can choose to enjoy this life to the fullest as we only having less than 100 years to live and thats depend how long u live.
cos in the end were all end up in the grave.

sorry,i dun read too much.maybe im just busy with the outside world.