Selling 4 unit of Petronas 14kg Gas Tank.

2 Unit half empty gas tank
Selling Price = RM 120.00 each

2 Unit Full Gas Tank
Selling Price = RM 150.00 each

Reason for selling : Already installed Nature gas from Sarawak Gas Distribution with kitchen equipment been upgraded. so need to dispose/sell the tank away.
Deal method : Preferably COD. Self Collect.

Extra Information obtained from Syarikat Pusakabumi FGL Miri.
Full Gas Tank Price = RM 150.00 each
Refill Gas tank exhange = RM 29.50 each.

Please kindly pm me or leave ur contact.
I will contact u asap.

why dnt sell it cheaper as the price is same with shop?

anyway i knw a place whr full tank gas rm120 only…

Refill Gas tank exhange = RM 29.50 each.

[quote=“rabbit75”]Refill Gas tank exhange = RM 29.50 each.

That Syt Pusakabumi is in Taman Tunku

minyak pergi sana sudah berapa ringgit , better still buy from lorry gas.

Thanks for reply and bumping my thread.

If buy more than 1 of course got discount. Price can always be nego, as long as you serious in buying.

Moreover if now u can buy from lorry gas (i mean not exhange with them, but buy a new tank with gas), i salute u. Coz so far i know, they already stop selling the 14kgs tank since few months ago.
Its a great bargain for those who move to new house at Taman Jelita as nature gas is still not available there.

Anyway, not really in rush to dispose it, i can always bring it back home for personal use.

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Good sold. Thread closed