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i-So Melody Shake to Shape

Have you ever desire to have a strong, slender and beautiful figure? If you figure isn’t desirable enough and you are afraid of consuming weight-losing supplements, or maybe having no time to exercise or fear of aching after workout? Don’t worry, GINTELL have found a solution for you. Finally we have the GINTELL i-So Melody Shake to Shape which combines state-of-the art technology with trendy design! It can help you to get rid of fat completely, reduce ache and fatigue, burn calorie, shape your buttocks, and obtain more shapely and sexy legs.

GINTELL i-So Melody Shake to Shape is not only specially designed with 20 different speed range of your choice but also equipped with the body fat meter that can measure body fat in your body. All these have passed strict quality certification from the relevant bodies. Besides removing fat and improving figure, the massager can also be used as an exercise massager by your family members. It can help you exercise the bowels, stimulate intestines and stomach, and alleviate the trouble brought by gastriction.

In addition, it can also help those at work to reduce pressure, and relieve fatigue from long hours of work. It is even more needed by the old to keep fit. Just turn down the speed without moving, then it can help you move without difficulty. Without moving, you can reduce the excessive fat and build up a strong and beautiful figure.



4 Different preset programmes:-
Choose from 4 preset programmes, each stimulating different terrain profiles with different level :

P1 - Cardiovascular Exercise - Cardiovascular Exercise has lots of health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, and also it can burn lots of calories. Young and old people who want to do general exercise can use this program.

P2 - Detoxify Programme - A diet that lacks certain nutrients may also impair our natural ability to detoxify chemical, which further leads to their build-up in the body. i-So Melody Shake to Shape can help to detoxify our body and improve intestinal function.

P3 - Body Perfection Programme - Everyone desires to have a strong, slender and beautiful figure. The body perfection program can help you to achieve the figure in no time.

P4 - Rhythmic Vibration Programme - A specially designed music-synchronize vibration programme. Provides the luxury of exercising to the beat of music.

20 Variants of speed range
Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design
Easy-to-operate control panel with window display screens
Durable steel frame printed with fashionable colour
Safety handle
Current Overload Protection, Disturbance and Static Electricity Resistance
MP4 Player Connection


Model Name : i-So Melody Shake to Shape
Model : GT890
Voltage : 240V
Power : 200W
Frequency : 50Hz
Amplitude : 0-10mm
Motor : 1.5HP
Speed Range : 1-20
Load Weight : Approx 120kg
Net Weight : Approx 45kg
Gross Weight : Approx 49kg
Dimension : Approx 69.5cm(W) x 75.5cm(D) x 123cm(H)

Brand new cost RM3,188
Seldom to use it (less than 10 time form the purchase date)

Now offer price is RM1,500.00 (negotiable) or can exchange with handphone
prefer LG KP500 PDA phone (market price around RM690)…








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