(SOLD) Price Revised Samsung Galaxy Note XSG

Pmed u dy ~


Still no luck selling the Note?

He wans to keep his price lol…otherwise i sold for him dy…hahaha

Bump for today~


1.3k deal?

also 1.3k deal pm me
this one can update firmware 4.0+++

Hi, this come in full package ?

Standard package~
now with firmware ICS~
yes, 4.0++
Frens still holding the price~


Nett price pls?

Pmed u bro~


Bump for today~
Happy Hari Raya~~

Bump for today~

Bump for 22nd August 2012~

Price Revised~~
He finally willing to let go at RM1350 with free New Casing!

how long use?andriod version?

used from 3 - 4 month only, and ofcos it is andriod version~