SOLD- Notebook 1GB Memory for RM$50


I’m selling off unused memory module for RM $50 only. Sleeping in the box, better sell it off to feed my radio control car. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



capacity: 1GB

(1GB PC2 - 5300 CL5 200 - Pin SODIMM)

cheap = RM$50

*Picture as shown below

You can take back and test it at home first before buy. PM me if interested.

if that can masuk DELL INSPIRON 1300, i will buy

I dunno if it fits but you can take it and try first. Better check when pin model you use and compare the spec with this.

Your laptop do support DDR2 667 ram although it doesnt stated there, but only supports up to 1GB max. Your laptop model got 2 DIMM slots, problem is whether can support 1Gb/DIMM? Please read from your laptop manual to double check.

still available?

Yes, still. Come take and try first. :wink:


Hey alokitty, I am interested in it! Can it fit into my Acer laptop?

need to know the model loh…moreover,allokitty can give you try first bah…but make sur dont use magic to dissapear it loh;…lol :mrgreen:

How about my IBM T43? Boleh or not?

Ok, but how do I try? alokitty willing to let me try? Haha…

looks like a ram for old model laptops.correct me if im wrong.but these rams are hard to find nowdays. good offer…again,correct me if im wrong.

Sure you all can try it first, bring it home for testing. Btw i dunno what type of notebook ram is that that’s why i sell it.
The best time to pick up during office hours is at lunchtime. Other day non-working days can pickup anytime. :wink:

This DDR2-667 Ram still very new, there is many brand new model laptop using this model ram at moment. 8)

Thanx. Pleasant knowing you. Nice trade! Let me know again once you find another one lying around again :stuck_out_tongue:

SOLD - Thanks for doing business Huasing. 8) 8) :smiley: :smiley:

**yes i will look around the how see what hardware i can find and sell off, stay tuned. :wink: :smiley: