[SOLD] Intel i5-6600k (RM500), Gigabyte H170 gaming 3 (RM200) *updated with pics*

For sale,

Intel i5 6600k skylake unlocked - RM 500 (nett) Bought from pc wizard, just got back from RMA. I think the sealed is also not tempered but IHS looks very clean (almost new). Free Coolermaster seidon 120v AIO watercooling (I have no use for this).

Gigabyte H170 gaming 3 - RM 200 (nett) I bought this mobo to test my pc in Q4 2017 because not sure if cpu or mobo dead but now I have Ryzen with me. Used once only…very new. Got receipt and under warranty.

Take BOTH for only RM 650 (nett). Prefer to sell as set, letting go cpu if got buyer for mobo. Thanks

Contact me via PM or email at fourthkage84@yahoo.com . I prefer not to disclose tel number to avoid prank calls XD