SOLD Integra DC2

weekend car…superb condition currently in Miri…limited time on sale (up to
July)…moving out from Miri if no deal done.

Personal Loan by Bank Islam offering a financing rate as low as 3.25% per annum with maximum repayment period of 15 years and maximum financing amount of RM200k.


Malaysian citizen aged 18 years old and above
Minimum monthly income of RM1,500
Continued employee in any of the following:
Government Sector
Selected Public Listed Companies
Subsidiaries of Government or Selected Public Listed Company
Other Prominent Private Limited Companies as categorized under package companies listed by Bank Islam


you arrange the loan for me can or not? :slight_smile: hehe

Internal pic bro? I will ask my cousin to contact you if he wanna view car, available to view?

sure…can view. go mudah for more pics…with internal shots…very clean and new :slight_smile:

can…give some tips lor…haha. check out the link to see whether you are eligible for the loan 1st…

is this 2 door or 4 door integra???

Do you want me help to list detail component inside the engine for you? :mrgreen:


what’s inside?



this nice legendary car will be even more sell-able if you put on all its original jdm dc2r bodypart back.

BUMP for a nice ride.

how many KM’s
what year?

[quote=“japimport”]how many KM’s
what year?[/quote]

less than 5k since I bought.

previous owner told me less than 10k after putting in new engine. I trust him looking at the bay and performance of my car :wink:

register 1996. But, that doesn’t matters…come look at the car to believe.


bump…bump…see to believe… :slight_smile:

On nearest Offer… quick quick… :smiley:

price revised…last chance because I have to move next month… Thanks MiriCommunity :slight_smile: