(SOLD!) HTX ONE X Original (Not AP) from DiGi

Hi guys/ girls,

As per topic, i got one unit [size=150]HTX one X White Color for sale[/size]. [size=150]Full set with everything in the box (Headset never use before)[/size]

[size=150]FIRMWARE UPDATED TO JELLY BEAN 4.1.1!!![/size]

This phone only used for [size=150]two weeks plus[/size], lady owner (my wife, LOL) because I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for her and she’s hooked to S3 after that. :slight_smile: It is in my drawer since then ([size=150]bought the ONE X on April 2012[/size]).

Selling price: [size=150]Offer me [/size](best price will get the phone, and trust me, the phone is in EXCELLENT SUPER NEW CONDITION!, used less than 3 weeks, you can imagine how new is it.)

Picture: Will upload soon because i haven’t take the picture of the phone. Will do it tonight. :smiley:

[size=150]C.O.D in MIRI (Contact me at 010 595 7777 for fast dealing. Thanks.)[/size]


How best can u let go?

Err… like wat i mentioned, OFFER ME right? :smiley: Price okay then i let go lor.

One X One X!!!

bump it up :slight_smile:

No pic means no fun.

PM me your lowest price.


hmm must it be a 4 digit number or 3 digit number? if its 3 digit i’ll consider offering u a price >:)

3 digit o kairos… Mana boleh sell 4 digit now… Except if its NEW set la… :smiley:

3 digit!!

Sell me lo

still got? u got whatsapp?