[SOLD] Honda Civic SIR (EG9)

Helping My Friend To Sell His Beloved Car

Reg Year : 2001
Year Made : 1996
Transmission : Auto
Engine : B16A
Model : Honda Civic SIR (EG9) Imported From Japan
Detail : 17 Inches Rim, New Continental Tyre, 2.2 Direct Piping
Milage : 143500 - 144000
Contact : Boy (016 853 3888)
Price : RM 36,000 (Nego) (Price Updated 22.09.08)















nice car… mileage a bit high but i like it.

BUMP for you mate! I do really widh it goes to the good new owner! beautiful car of all time.

nice car. can loan? anyway, why selling?

yup the car can still be loan :smiley:
he want to change to Honda Civic EP3 Type R
why not ring up my friend and ask him for more detail :smiley:

so nice… which i have a lot of money to buy it from him…

ur fren work at hap seng…?

QMD9XXX kan his car? Original EG9?

Dunno ahh

Yup haha how you know ??
Yup Original EG9 boh

free bump for u…

too bad it’s auto


dont think so this car can loan liaw ler…

Sorry for the late reply…
I dunno about car but when i ask my friend he say still can loan…
You will know more if you ring up my friend :smiley:
Boy - 016 853 3888

kol the number provided for more info
this guy is helping his fren (mayb dpt komisen)

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

[quote=“haroldz”]kol the number provided for more info
this guy is helping his fren (mayb dpt komisen)

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:[/quote]

Hope he will give lor hahaha but depend on my friend also laaa if he got give i take lo no give also help friend nia ma :smiley:

:smiley: try snap sum interior pic,bro…

Wow I like the car man… but the price is past tense RM38,000.00 + “ed” (2004)

Well in my first post i posted it’s Price : RM 38,000 (Nego)
Well it’s negotiable :smiley:
Try ring up my friend
Contact : Boy (016 853 3888)

Will try ask for it :smiley: