Sold! 17" Rims Cheap Cheap 1300

Haha :slight_smile: got something to offer and bargain here.
if interested please just give me a call 012 879 4422

BRAND NEW: SSW-stamford wheel

17inch x 7
offset: 40/42 male/female
Hole: 8 x100 : 114.3

RM1300 – 012 879 442


LOT 439 , 1st Floor, Jalan Bendahara, 98000 Miri Sarawak

pahal ada 08 blakang?? 1300 nett la…

8 = lucky number ~ ahahhaha. buy rim get free lucky number !

still got other 17" choice?

yeah interested ? :slight_smile: call me 012 879 4422
i can help you order japan rim with japan resit for u :wink:

lol japan price oso?

if 2nd hand should be cheaper =) . yeah japan price + postage + my kopi a bit. ok lah :wink: u happy i happy.

good deal goodie goodie goodie

very good very good very good… maaliiii (lagu tambi)

bump bump

BUMP BUMP ~ RM1300. Take everything include box :slight_smile:



Last time i bought 15" also RM1200 :roll:
This rim very cheap man!

U sell whole set or wat ?

1300 including box? damn, i want the box only ley

Price reduce: Let go price RM1250 ! HOT HOT HOT

yes 17" for 4 pcs! why i want to sell separate ? LOL

give me a call or come to my shop and have a good view at the rim and dream abt it :slight_smile:
LOT 439 , 1st Floor, Jalan Bendahara, 98000 Miri Sarawak

give me a call 012 879 4422

damn nice. My 17" faded like ■■■■ liao…just changed new set of tires, so maybe wait next month :stuck_out_tongue:

sure bro give me a call

=D cheap cheap

item sold ! :smiley: aww yeah

haiya… baru ada rm1000 inside wallet… .