Solar lighting diy solutions for modern home

Do anyone in Miri community know how to set up a DIY SOLAR LIGHTING at home? what component that needed to set up & what is the estimated cost involved. interested to know.


what lighthing? - garden only? outdoor only? security lighthing? etc.
how much lighthing? - whole house? garden only? 10? 20? 1? etc.
only lighthing? - is the lighthing circuit in your house separate from the other power requirement? it can get interesting if someone plug a fridge, a vacuum cleaner, or a coffee maker into your lighthing circuit…

what is your budget? 1k? 10k? 20k?

off course lighting for the house using solar energy.

in a nutshell: you’ll need:

  • solar panels
  • batteries
  • charger/regulator
  • inverter
  • wiring

roof space for solar panels, and room to store batteries

can DIY but solar panels are the most expensive component to buy & install.

pak lah’s gov has an initiative to trial solar power use at home, gov will subsidise but you can expect having to contribute at least 20k also… i don’t have more info, you can try google and share with us later…

that’s a very very general high level statement. you’ll need to look at my questions in the 1st reply and answer them in more details.

for e.g. how do you solar power your house lighting if your fridge and tv and washing machine and microwave is also plugged into the same circuit?

do you understand what is a circuit? if not, you have a long way to go…

no wonder u called urself stupidhead. if ppl very clever like you. no need to post question here liao lor. can true DIY. no need to be arrogant here la… not everybody a rocket sainist like u la…

yup… obviously i’m stupid, and you smart

have you thought of a skylight?

yup, no baterry required. but doesn’t work at night.

the intention of helping is good but if the message is misunderstood by the one who ask for help sure it makes an entertain show! :lol: :lol: :lol: .chill out swk, he just want to help because you want to light the whole house with solar but how about the other?if everything is still on the same circuit, so its needless to say that the solar is useless.correct me if i’m wrong stupidhead.

anyway, if i’m not mistaken the panel are sold by feet right? last time i have the catalog from a friend in kuching. i think its most likely to be below rm10 per feet. let me check again later (if i can find the catalog! :lol:).

Solar panel is sold by watt as follow the size of the panel specified by the manufacturer, price per watt is around RM27-RM32.
When talk about solar panel, reliability to last for at least 10years is very important as this is considering a long term investment.
I found that it is necessary to purchase branded solar panel from Germany, Japan or USA that had proven product quality & reliability.

Now it is possible to DIY small scale Home Solar Lighting System or we call it stand alone solar lighting system.
This kind of DIY solar powered system will be excellent for area where power outage happen to be very often.
Due to the recent fuel price hike, consideration to go for renewable energy like solar energy will be the coming trend.
Example for a basic solar lighting system which will give you 12hour of free lighting every night, what you need
Is just a small solar panel, charge controller, 12V 7AH SLA battery and also the 12V 9W high efficiency LED lighting.

Recently I just installed a solar lighting system at my house, it work perfectly and I really enjoy the amazing free energy from the sun!
Thanks to PG Solar Enterprise by introducing me this basic 16W solar lighting system with the quality KC16T panel from Kyocera Japan.
I got the complete basic DIY solar lighting system from them and also the SLA battery which I purchase locally, total system cost is <RM700.
The cost for solar energy system will be reasonable as long as you know how to DIY, the installation which is quite easy if follow the instruction.
I’m not good in electrical wiring, but at least I manage to make it work! Guys, is worth to try this out! 8)

<RM700 incld the LED luminaires?

Amri, where did u get the package? Is it custom configured or off the shelf kinda thingy ? How long does the battery last for one day’s ‘full’ charge ? What the life expectancy of these batteries ? How much is the replacement batteries cost ? Have you actually calculated the cost effectiveness of the system as compared to power lines electricity ? Appreciate your sharing. Well, it’s almost a zero carbon emitter. But once any components are changed then you’ll start from the begginig.

Yes, the package come with a 200lm LED luminaires with can drive from direct DC 12V.
I got the package from the online shop in Penang all together RM632 including delivery,
you can contact them for more detail @

I beleave the cost affectiveness is there as I use this for my permanant night light which
expected to be lighted up throught the nite in my house which previuosly was a 15W light bulb.
For the battery, I just tempolary use my 2yr+ old car battery to try it out first, later only go for SLA.
One day if you get alot of sunlight, then the amount of charge is enought for lighting the whole nite.
The life expectancy of the battery I know depends on your level of discharge per everyday cycle,
which SLA (UPS batt) was the most relaible one :wink:

Hey Amri… thanks for the info. Cheers mate! (/me give a Golden Star to Amri)

amri, thanks for the head-up.

yeah, i think the new generation of low power consumption LED lights should give new possibilities to solar power lighting in our rural areas.

any idea what’s the luminance of the LED lights? compared to say the short tube fluorescent (7W?) that’s now commonly in solar power lightings?

it’ll still cost 800-1000 to give each door just a night light. unfortunately we are still a long way from affordable power to give easy access to astro and internet for the rural folks.

amri, how ‘big’ is that solar lighting system you installed at yr house? Is it ‘big’ enough to power the whole house or just simple garden lighting? I’m a goer for solar energy since it is environmental friendly & virtually cost nothing. I’m an idiot in stuff like that … keen to learn more.

A friend of mine previously worked for Toyota Industries once told me that he’s going to bring in a solar-powered air-con, some how i just lost touch of him and never actually hear one available in the market …

would like to know more about this subject as well. keep posting :smiley:

solar powered air-con? that will be interesting…

how big is the air-con? say small small 1kW lah…
the panel that amri used is 16W which is quite typical…
1000W divide by 16W is 62.5 - i.e. you’ll need at least 63 panels if the panels are producing full-power all the time, which of course it’s not.
also the air-con run at 240VAC and the panel give 12VDC, so you’ll need an inverter, usually with significant losses.
you probably need to add 50% for panels - so you’ll need about 100 panels after taking into all the losses.

how long do you want to run the air-con for? if it’s at night, you’ll need batteries.
1kW air-con at 240 draws 5A. if you want to run it for 6hrs - that 30Ah - 5 x 7Ah batteries
but you cannot run the batteries down all the way - it’ll kill the batteries
and you’ll have to cater for cloudy days when the batteries won’t be recharged fully.
so you double the battery capacity - 10 pcs batteries

if you want to run the air-con in the day time - you will need to double the panels again - to run the air-con and charge the batteries at the same time.

if a panel is rm500, 100 panels = rm50,000
double that becomes rm100,000

batteries are cheaper but need to be replaced every 2 to 5 years. 10 pcs at 200 per peace lah say, so 2000 every 3 years average.

and all this for a 1kw air-con.

in rural area, they need fridge more than air-con - to keep meat fresh.

but a fridge need power 24hrs. look at the cost above and it quickly become unrealistic.

for lighting it’s still reasonable, and for things like sat phones ok because most of the time not used - only standby.
your PC power supply is what? 300W? - that’s equivalent to 30 pcs of 9W lights.
TV with astro? may be LCD will be lower power and only used a few hours a night.

the above is just off my mind and might have mistakes. but it should already give you an idea how big the challenge can be. you can use the same method to calculate for other usgae as long as you know the power requirement of the equipment.

oh, almost forgot, actually i’ve registered under Homegrown Power about 2 months ago to look for alternative energy. you may want to check in there for more info as their forum is specialist for solar, windmill and any other sources of alternative energy…