Software For Home Recording?

Okay, I have this hobby and think about this long time ago.

I want to produce my own songs and using just my laptop, my guitar, microphone and my ipod touch.
Yes, this sound silly but I think it’s possible.

I’ll record them one by one and mix them.
Tempo? I’m a musician… I don’t think I have problems with that. Beside, Edison face 10,000 failed experiments before success making his first electric light bulb.

So far, I’ve been using a vst software called mini host that plays great on my laptop.
But the recording function is far from perfect!
The audio was recorded in WAV LOSSLESS.

So, dear friends… Would you share your interest and knowledge with me?

Thank you very much. bow :mrgreen:

ableton are easier to use, while [url=]steinberg perfecting the sound to professional recording level. I suggest to you to use [url=]M-audio audio interface for mic & guitar as it’s come with good price, zero latency (no delay sound) and it’s available in KL (or you can buy online.

you can also checking any of these top ten home recording studio software:

http://recording-studio-software-review … index.html

  • if not mistaken, VST are not really recording software, but more to sound effect for instruments such like electric guitar which you can add in recording software to give more choice of sound effect.

you forgot to mention if you wanted free software or paid ones. and of course it was recorded in wav lossless. i wouldnt want my recordings to be in low quality form now would i. O.o

And btw i do the same thing you do.

im using Cubase by steinberger. it came bundled with my Yamaha audiogram 3 audio interface. if youre looking for an audio interface id recommend that as its cheap but is good quality (unlike the m-audio fast track which most people go for).

i do it like this.
Guitar>effect pedal board>guitar preamp>audiogram3>laptop=which i can then choose to record with a recording software, or just play my guitar and listen through monitor headphones/speakers, or even your computer speakers.

its not silly :slight_smile: its awesome fun.

I thought WAV LOSSLESS is not good? LoL

Oh ya… Of course I would like to opt in to OPEN SOURCE software where possible.

Will check out those recomendation… Thank you guys…
Wanna write some songs for someone now… xD while the feeling is fresh…


I use SONAR LE. Ok,simple easy to use. Also,I want to let to my USB MIC,SAMSON CO3U and its acc…

Please google for the spec if u interested la k…


wgn, if u want a good free one. audacity is always there for youu. lolol. i use it to record some phrases that get stuck in my head. its so simple to use. no ned to fuss around with any otehr thing.

and wav lossless means its in .wav for mat and lossless quality, which is the highest quality. no compression.

happy recording dude :smiley:

audacity… erm… have tried… so not… ngam with me… hahaha…


I’ve been using Sonar 4 and it’s done a good job for me. I know there’s the latest Sonar out there but Sonar 4 is good enough. In terms of setup:

guitar>pod X3 (or Edirol UA-25)>Kurzweil monitor speaker (or Audio Technica headphone).

woah its so simple, if you cant use that. then i wonder what can you use O.O

woah its so simple, if you cant use that. then i wonder what can you use O.O[/quote]
He just say Audacity not suitable for him ma…He needs more HIGH-END :mrgreen:

doubt it, he thinks lossless audio is bad. O.o

markko is right… audacity lack of something2…

Nvm… Try and error… :stuck_out_tongue:

Audacity lacks a lot of things, accept basic recording capabilities. Which is what i said i used it for lol.

If you want something good, youll have to pay for it. Of course if the equipment sucks (mics,guitars,audio interface), itll still sound bad if you use a high end software. XD

if you don’t mind to try out lanun version of listed recording software above, the price are pretty cheap in lowyat (yes I did that too :p)

There’s lanun bay also right? :smiley:

yeah i admit i did it too. cause i didnt wannt spend money on crap :smiley: yeah lanun bay!


Nice informative post regarding home recording software…
I m new to this forum so many thanks for such a informative post.

Victoria Heden
Karaoke Magic Microphones

i think you are looking for this eh?

For professional musician , they will use Fruity Loop
you can download a demo at
you can mix all the beats library and much more according to you tempo and layers. (can load mp3,wave and sort of files)

Oh yah, we did make some money selling 10secs beats for $50USD :slight_smile: u can publish it to after u done mixing everything.

Some sample

Good luck with it.

fl-studio is the best recording program i ever use… the quality from the recording(Mic-in) are marvelous!!
u can even plug ur guitar and play/record it into wav/mp3…

  • if u have a VST/VSTi, u can connect any Midi keyboard/any musical intstrument onto ur pc, and play it Live… without delay.