Social Hub #Miri

Hi folks. Have just implemented our social hub using the hashtag #Miri. Still gauging the performance and gathering some test data to see how it goes. You can see it on the mainpage or on if you are on mobile devices. It’s nice to see all the social activity related to Miri in one view. If you are a social media user in Twitter, Instagram or Google+, just use the hashtag #Miri and your posts will show up in the Social Hub here. As for Facebook users, join our Facebook Group and make a post - it will automatically be pulled into the Social Hub. Kindly provide me some feedback with regards to user experience or a simple “awesome” reaction would be nice. :smiley:

The Social Hub is an interesting feature. Keep up the good work!

The social hub do a late update is it?
How does it work?
I try it but I don’t see my post from Twitter there…

@wgn_white, new updates have to go through a moderation queue. Once manually approved, it will appear almost instantly. Without this in place, we will be seeing spams and unrelated stuff.

I see, my post appear now. Haha

how to say “awesome” in Iban?

@Keong1 awesome in Iban = sigek manah! :wink:

sigek manah!

It looks enticing … I’m ready to plunge in and sniff around soon. Meow!

anyone knows pihak penganjur yang menganjurkan pertandingan bola sepak yang dijlnkan di padang riverview park pada 2.11.2014?

y i still cannot post anythg in miri community facebook?

Does anyone know any taobao warehouse agents in Miri? Thanks

nice feature…but all i see is spam and money lender ads

Spam is normal!!

whatman said:
Spam is normal!!
whatman said:
Spam is normal!!
True, same goes to road users as well: