So, where do I find Miri's Lowyat conterpart?

I’ve lived in miri since ever and I see no place where I can get great PC parts and upgrades. my only option is to go to Lowyat in KL. Any ideas?

wat do u need? i cud gv u a quote

ask around…ask Huasing who worked in PC shop, MrSan who owned a PC shop…im sure u will cheap2 price

Geographical location and bad business ethics from some west Malaysian suppliers made it impossible for stocking of (good) hardware here to sell. You can try Boulevard’s 3rd floor though for general hardware. And also Bulat if you want specific items.

sorry to say that Miri is not a heaven for computer geeks.
There is many other things that I have to purchase from US.
eg, I’m currently looking for a CISCO 837 or a CISCO 97. These are not very old products but I just can’t find it in any Miri shop!
Even if there is, the price is gotta be damn high and I myself would rather buy from KL instead or better still Ebay from US.

i was looking for a tablet pc. how much do they go for? yep. its pretty much KL or ebay. hehe

Tablet PCs are pass. :slight_smile: That’s my opinion though. Why not go for the Windows mobile phone-like machines? They are actually much more practical.

well im interested with them tablet pcs coz im learning cretive design and really want to draw onscreen. tablets cant give me the paperlike accuracy of onscreen tablets. :smiley:

Perhaps you need to get used to it. My friend got a $400 Wacom tablet and he’s locked up his mouse in the drawer since.

Personally when trying out the Tablet PC in a PC fair a while back, I thought it really hindered the use alot. It’s bulky and heavy and it’s never in a position comfortable for use especially when you’re using the stylus.

well ive been using a tablet for 2 years. a lot better than mice but doesnt have the accuracy of pen and paper.

heres my latest with usage of tablet and mouse. tablet for the red crab alien thing. heha. mouse for the boy and box.