Snatch Thieves In Miri

Hi all, wanted to share with you an article I read which is worrying and somewhat scary

Snatch thieves having a field day outside schools
MIRI: Snatch thieves are preying on cars parked outside schools regardless of whether or not someone is at the wheel.

In the first incident, a 29-year-old woman lost around RM7,000 in cash and valuables while waiting for her child in front of a primary school here yesterday.

According to a source, the incident occurred around 12.25pm when a man on a motorcycle knocked on her window screen, which she duly lowered.

This gave the man the chance to snatch her bag which contained around RM3,000 cash, a laptop, two handphones and a document before speeding off from the scene.

Earlier around 12.10pm, a 57-year-old woman waiting in front of another school to pick up her grandchild lost about RM1,000 to a snatch thief who had also knocked on the window screen of her car on the pretext of asking for direction.

After the victim lowered the windscreen, the man snatched her handbag which contains around RM300 cash, a handphone and brooch before fleeing on a motorcycle.

In a third crime incident, three cars belonging to students parked in front of a private school in Riam were smashed. It was not certain what items were stolen from the car.

Police are investigating all the cases with no arrest made as at press time.

Anything can happen besides just stealing items, so precaution to everyone. The question to those crooks is “Why?”. Hope these crooks are brought to justice.

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Just always be alert on everything around us then it’ll just be fine.