Snap shots @ Europe

Share a few shots taken at Rome, Venice, Alp lake Austria and Salzburg :mrgreen: Took over thousands of photos, here i pick some to share with the photo kaki here. Comments are welcome :smiley:


flare,what camera do you own?

I second that question.
Amazing pictures. I’m envious of you. I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe but my money still short in a big number LOL. Sigh. Hope you enjoyed it there.

you are one lucky guy…

flare, thanks for sharing the gorgeous photo! Love them!

A powerful series of photos performed by D200 if i am not mistaken.

Very nice color and composition. Love it!

lucky guy?flare is a pretty girl la!~aiyo…

Flare :slight_smile: love the pic u take so much…really nice la! :slight_smile:

hey everybody thanks for dropping by yeah :slight_smile:

bunyimanok, Neonbible
all those pics are taken by canon 350d kit lense only.

Das, i didnt bring d200 over bcos its too heavy to carry around & kinda dangerous… all trips are backpacking ones, so not as comfortable as those who went with tour agent…

Goolooloo, karlina, Athrun_zala_faith, huilee… thanks for liking those pics :slight_smile:

I’m one who still learning and need more advice from all those who loves photography too :smiley:

team GD, my dear… next time we go there honey moon okay? very romantic ohhh hehehe :wink:

imho, contrast is a bit too strong in general…

wow… that hurts… 350D with kit lens… with such quality.

I rest my case.


OMG, wish i’m there

Team GD is my sister lah…haha,girl with girl go honey moon? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:by the way,those pictures are real SWEET…really romantic feeling mah…

GD is your sis Athrun?..
lol…didn’t know that…
Flare,at first I thought you took those pic with High-End camera…lol…

totally agree. thanks yeah. will alert next time :stuck_out_tongue:

i miss europe … i wan to go back!!! i was there for 4 years… the good old days

i wish i ever been there…i only been to singapore and brunei…by the way,singapore ROCKS…

that’s great pictures…and clear shot :slight_smile:
mmm…the 7th picture…never seen those water that is TOO green…