SMK Merbau wins invention award, to represent M’sia in Dec

Vanessa briefs Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Lee Kim Shin (second right) on their invention.

MIRI: Their invention, EVRA SMART-G which won Gold at the 30th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX ’19), Malaysia, earned SMK Merbau the honour to represent Malaysia in Taiwan in December this year.

“We named the invention as EVRA SMART-G because it is environment-friendly (E), versatile (V), recyclable ® and affordable (A) and has smart gloves for teaching. It is a great honour for us to represent the country in Taiwan,” said team leader Vanessa Serawa Suel.

Venessa and her teammates – Emmelyn Manyie Sibat and Richard Laing – won the top award in Education Category of the event held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from March 2 to 4.

“From our observation, whiteboard duster is made of plastic handle and polystyrene inside which will become one-off materials. The used dusters are thrown away and are harmful to the environment,” she said, adding that teachers carry a lot of teaching tools to classes, and it is a burden for them to carry them from class to class.

Apart from that, teachers tend to wipe off the writings on the whiteboard with fingers rather than using the duster and the ink can cause skin allergy.

The trio also believe that teachers face problems in punctuality in class, especially in group discussions that may impact the flow of the lesson in the class.

The EVRA SMART-G is a teaching kit that consists of a timer which is for punctuality at students’ group discussions. Other than that, there is also a laser pointer to make the lessons go smoothly without any interruption and distraction.

“EVRA SMART-G is made up of gloves with some other accessories. It has recyclable and washable whiteboard duster fabric. This invention is able to avoid plastic and polystyrene disposal,” she explained.

Besides, the gloves allow teachers to simply wipe off the marker ink without direct contact to the skin.

“This invention also has more space to hold marker pens which gives convenience to teachers when writing on the whiteboard. EVRA SMART-G has compasses on it for better teaching and learning in class especially during Mathematics, Science and Geography lessons.”

The inventors believe the invention will reduce the load of carrying teaching tools and the compasses can also become a tool for art guide in teaching.

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