SMK Lutong shines again with 100 pct passes

MIRI: SMK Lutong here has once again achieved 100 per cent passes for last years STPM.

Sharing his joy, Principal Marcus Hugo Matu Lejau noted that all candidates passed the Bahasa Melayu, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Chemistry and Biology papers.

We had 52 STPM candidates last year. Our passing rate for the 2014 examinations is 2.82 per cent versus 2.81 per cent registered for 2013, he told The Borneo Post here yesterday.

The schools top achievers are Victoria Ju Bellie who scored 2A and 2B, Erwiani Normal (2A, 1A-, 1B-), Olivia Bong (2A, 1B, 1B), Pressley Johannes (2A-, 2B+), Edric Elwyn Sat (1A, 1A-, 1B+, 1B), Andy Cheng Tau Diam (1A, 1A-, 1B+, 1B), Lim Wei Peng (2A-, 2B+), Rowena Ruran Tom (2A-, 1B+, 1B), Beatrice Rex (2A-, 2B-), and Pamela Laing Wan (1A, 1A-, 1B, 1B).

Those who also performed commendably in last years STPM are Chen Yee Chan (1A-, 2B+, 1B-), Fiona Serling Musa (1A-, 2B+, 1B-), Helda Nyaren (1A, 1B+, 1B, 1B-), Relia Udam (1A- 1B+, 2B), Chai Kah Chun (1A-, 1B+, 2B), Foo Chee Hieng (3B+, 1B), Koo Sze Pei (2A-, 1B, 1C+), Maharani Anyan (1A- 2B, 1B-), Vanasia Evelyn Palla James (1A, 1B, 2B-), Chiong Wei Leong (2B+ 2B-) and Joseph Ajang Yusup (1B+, 2B, 1B-).