Smiling Moon

i read about this is some newspaper days before but cant see clearly whether r they really smiling. so i found the clear picture of it. just want to share it with u guys :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I saw it two days ago.
It was smiling lol
Maybe the pic on top was taken a little later.

why? did u try to take the moon picture?
i didnt know this thing until the next day i read inside the newspaper.
hope that i can see the real thing.
sayang la…

Actually your miss your life time sighting.
It’s very to rare to see a phenomena like that.
Well,maybe there will be another smiley with a different planet.
I didn’t try to take the moon picture since my cam batt was dead.

hahaha…the exact thing members been discussing about…


I did take it with my lousy cam on the right time i guess
can visit my blog
but sorry for the lousy shot