Smb st. columba, miri

Whether you are from the class of '70 or the class of '05… report in. Are you that top gun in the class or the school bad boy feel free to give some feedback on who you are and maybe if you feel like it, what you turned out to be through the years…

Teachers are welcomed as well… don’t we miss you :stuck_out_tongue:

Chia Kah Yoon

5L3 from the class of 2000

yo kah yooN !
long time didnt see you

5L2 class of 2003

kah yoon? sound familiar…anyway anybody intend to have mini gathering? last april i was joining a small gathering organise by bro Fabian(98) at miri cafe, meet some of the senior, chilskater, caroline ho, elaine wee, kah yen, ambrose , annie, jang feng n his sis jang wen i guess her chinese name…they are the class of 98, i’m d only 1 fr 99…which to meet more of old friends…

daphne , 5L1 , 99

borneogurl, is your bro fro St. Joseph? I had a classmate called Fabian T. may be a long shot but I’m trying to track down anyone from my old class. Kind regards, PC

Fabian T.?U mean Fabian Tersan ka?

Fabian Tang. darn hard tracking them down again after losing all their contacts. :frowning:

i dunno then…maybe u can ask jackson or johnanthan

Any 1 from St.Columba form 5 in 1990?So pity St.Columba only 1 page…

helooo every1…im from st co batch 1998…calling for all mates who still remember mi…


L3, class of 98

me L6 2000.our principle is Raymond gay panting.

yup, guess that time it’s still good old raymond…

everything about StCo is still in good hands as Ms Chan has left behind…

I’m an ex st co. Class of '98. 5L2.

asasas sdvsdvs segweg

Jasmine, 5L3 class of 1998. Pengganas 1996 but turned out to be Pengawas the next year.

pai.5L3 year 1997.


UTM Johor ka?Macam aku kenal lar…is ur eldest sister getting married sometime ago?

yap…UTM skudai…who r u bro?

fadrullah ka?if so my house selang serumah dari umah ko di bumiko