Do people in Miri open the window at night?
I had a visit from lizard last night.
people say they don’t open the window and put the air-condition on at night?
In the morning I found a house’s boiling hot.
Is it really a bad idea to open the window at night?
I don’t like air-condition.
Any suggestion’s welcome

What sort of Lizard visit your house?

You can open the window as you please, i don’t see why not?

If you do not like air-cond due to various reasons, I’m sure by now you must have figured out how to improve the ventilation to cool down your room. As for leaving the windows open overnight, I do not see any problem except having bugs (or lizards) coming in - which can be solved easily with window netting.

Window netting is a must if you want to open the window at night…
Prevent those little bugs and mosquito from coming into the room…

I rented a condo. There is no window netting.

owkay, last time i also dont like on AC, because i get cold easily.
but nowadays, the weather at night is getting hot, so no choice on AC to cooler down the room’s temperature.
you may have a window netting to prevent insects ‘buddy’ come to visit you. ESPECIALLY mosquito! hate it the most!