Slap in the face if BN fails to fulfil promises

Slap in the face if BN fails to fulfil promises

JOHOR BARU: It will be a slap on the face for Barisan Nasional if it does not fulfil promises made to the people.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said keeping promises to voters was of utmost importance.

In my 33 years in politics, I have found that one of the things most pantang (disliked) by voters is when our promises are not kept.

This administration will work towards fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people, he said during a Barisan component party dinner here last night.

In his first address to local leaders, Najib reminded component party leaders not to maintain the business as usual attitude as that would not help the coalition regain its former strength of having more than two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Explaining his 1Malaysia concept, Najib said although there would not be structural changes to the party, component parties had to get involved in the activities of other Barisan parties.

There is nothing wrong in Umno taking an interest in estate and New Village activities.

If we conduct our activities following the concept of 1Malaysia, I believe we can bring down the racial walls that divide us, he said.

Earlier in his visit, Najib met with state Umno leaders and held discussions on various matters including the crooked bridge project.

When asked about the possibility of the project being revived, Najib said, I dont know yet. … sec=nation

expect our neneks n datuks at batang ai to YM with us in 1-2 years time…
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