SK Jalan Bintang ALUMNI

Anyone ex students/pupil of SK Jalan Bintang? Kindly drop by.

wow cant believe bintang alumni will exist
I know fb there is
reporting bintang-ians
graduate from 6H on 1999

it is? im from bintang too…80s

bintang here

graduate 6L in 2006

me too !!! 6H graduate 2001

YAKA OMG! im 6H 2000.

izit ???
why din find me dat time leh ??? we can play Tekken 3 ma … haha

even i am surprise
i know geek but never see leoex before
anyway nice to see bintang-ians again

ex Bintang kid here

… bintang graduate in 2005! woot!! =)

Wallace lacelace lace? :mrgreen:

one more ex bintang student here!! Geez… its been so long i cant remember which class i was in…

i’m ex bintang too…best skul of my life…best time of my life…love the skul

1997 grad

ex bintang too. 6P year 2000